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Friday, 27 February 2015



Voice from the Holocaust Voice from Auschwitz


November 2014

Two Red Poppies-Remembrance & Silence
...2015... - SILENCE
Remembering with Silence 

Someone asked Rabbi Yosef "Why do people express theirs Remembrance with a moment of silence?
His answer
SILENCE is to remind us

"Silence is the Perpetrator of the Calamity"

...2014... - REMEMBRANCE

This is in tribute to the amazing and inspiring women and men who have been fighting CAS/CCAS workers across the country to protect our children from harm done to them when transparency and accountability are lacking.

Rabbi Yosef, Sole Holocaust survivor of a family of over 70 human beings (parents brothers sisters nieces nephews uncles aunts and their families).  He is an amazing and special man.  He is a friend and mentor and inspiration to Child Protect Canada and many many of us in our communities
talks to us

A Voice from The  Holocaust – A Voice from Aushwitz

on this January 27 Liberation Day from Aushwitz - 70 year anniversary

about this difficult Situation that is before you

Premier Kathlyn Wynn and your Government
regarding where there are many allegations over many years that

CAS/CCAS  is using trumped up charges 
the backing of laboratory tests by Motherisk  
have been shown to be questionable and wrong
has known for years to be questionable and wrong
to harm many children
by taking their mother or father from them
misusing and misdirecting our tax payers money to harm our Ontario children.

CAS/CCAS  NARRATIVEis one that says we protect children

THOUSANDS OF ONTARIO CHILDREN’S NARRATIVEis one that says we are being harmed by CAS/CCAS

Voice From the Holocaust  From Rabbi Yosef  - conversation

Rev Jacob - “ I need your help.  I need your help.

Rabbi Yosef – “I need your help”

Jacob – “ It is Holocaust Liberation of Auschwitz tomorrow Jan 27”

Rabbi Y – “ Yes Jan. 27”

Jacob –“ You talked to me about the theme Silence that “Silence is the perpetrator of the Calamity”.
 The moment of Silence we have for our soldiers , victims of the Holocaust.. who died.. That we were silent..”

Rabbi Y – “Not that we were Silent but the world was silent.  You cannot expect the person who is in trouble, that the victim should find the solution.  If someone is imprisoned you don’t expect them to free themself…”

Jacob – “and the Silence keeps them imprisoned”

Rabbi – “The world’s silence Is responsible for the enormity of this cruelty”

Jacob -  “ Rabbi Yosef I need help to write… A COURAGEOUS and INSPIRING MOTHER wrote to Child Protect Canada and the Ontario government re.  great harm done and continuing to be done to her child and many other children, over many years.
Because of false and unfounded allegations to CCAS/CAS.
Because Children’s Aid, CCAS/CAS, took a hair strand to the same lab (MOTHERISK).  The tests said they drank too much or they had too much drugs.”


Jacob – “Now thousands of children, over many years…Now there is a big fight.
The courageous woman writing to CPC Inc. and Ontario Government;
 She knew the tests were wrong.
She tested # of times and found Motherisk  lab was wrong.
She had expert documentation that there were serious issues with the testing from Motherisk.
She had scientific assessment done that showed that Motherrisk Hair strand Test was wrong.
She Showed all of this documentation to CCAS/CAS  and the government. 
The years 2011 and 2012 that these scientifically proved wrong tests happened and..
-       The government is silent
-       Not acting quickly enough (To Act As If A Childs’s Life Depends upon it)
-       Not saying we are sorry
-       Not changing all the things that they put countless children and parent(s) through.
-       Misusing of public Tax $ & Resources in the Health System, Child Protection, etc. to ALLEGEDLY PERPETRATE FRAUD against so many Ontarians.”

 Jacob  -  “I am writing a Blog for Child Protect Canada that says
        -   We need not to be silent.
        -   We need to address these things
        -   So they don’t happen again 
        -   We can’t have a child that dies once and twice…
        -  And we make an Inquiry…
        -  This is an opportunity to address something that needs to be addressed NOW.”

Rabbi Yosef  - “SPEAK OUT”

Jacob   -  “YES’
Rabbi Yosef  -  “the problem is…
 - People are fine.. 
- Governments are much better than they used to be.
-  You don’t start out with Negativity”

Jacob  -  “Okay”

Rabbi Yosef  -  The governments are good I would say.  The government is trying to do its best against discrimination.
-       I think how bad it is, it was worse before.  So in this respect I am grateful to the government that they are trying to equalize the differences.”

Jacob – “Yes”

Rabbi Yosef   -  “ But the problem is we are faced with and it is being neglected by the people is NOT DIFFERENCES; The INDIFFERENCE of the government.

  -  What is INDIFFERENCE ?


Rabbi Yosef  - “You understand”

Rev Jacob  -  “Yes”

Rabbi Yosef  -  “ what is the Indifference ? – The Silence in facing and… The Silence in face of so much evil.  And the government feels that they have nothing to do and nothing to say. 
It is not the differences.  The difference between nations, between people that is the problem now.
Now is the Indifference;
The lack of Reaction, trying to correct to make people aware that something is very bad.  Something is very wrong.”

Jacob  -  “It is very powerful..”

Rabbi Yosef  -  “And most people understand difference is not a wrong thing.  It is only wrong when you do something wrong.
It is wrong when you can stop someone else from doing wrong and you don’t stop it.
It is your responsibility.
Like you did it.”

Jacob  -  “Very true.. that is what is happening here.”

Rabbi  Yosef  - “I don’t care.  It is a problem.  I don’t care or people don’t really… It is a problem.
The INDIFFERENCE is worse than the Differences.
People feel why we have problems in this world because you have different ideas and different morals…
Is not the cause.
That people who are in power and don’t do something to correct the evil that still exists.
This INDIFFERENCE is responsible for the evil that still exists among us in connection with the accusing people of something which they didn’t.., they are not responsible for.
How can there be peace among people? How can there be no quarrel, if everybody is different?
No, No.  Differences are enhancing Life, are expanding knowledge.
Indifference is the Killer.”

Jacob  -  “Silence it is very very…”

Rabbi Yosef  -  “Silence.  Silence.  I don’t care.   This is the problem.”          

Rabbi Yosef  -  “What is the difference between IGNORANCE and INDIFFERENCE ?”

Jacob  -  “What is the difference?”

Rabbi yosef  -  “I don’t know and I don’t care.
Ignorance  -  I don’t know.
 Indifference  -  I don’t care.”

Jacob  -  “Thank you Rabbi.”

Rabbi Yosef  -  “I don’t care is worse.”

Link to CNNs-Wolf-Blitzer Voices-of Auschwitz-Holocaust-Documentary

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